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Holistic Skin Care and Body Care
Women and Men

Mary Elizabeth Wist C.M.T.

(408) 287-8494
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Meet Liz Wist

SEE Liz talk about Skin Deep in this online video!

Elizabeth is a professionally trained and licensed clinical aesthetician, certified massage therapist and renowned waxing specialist with 32 years of "hands-on" experience in the beauty and health care industry.

Liz is especially well known for her work in Holistic skin and body care. She travels and studies Internationally and brings to her clients the most current technology and treatments. One of her finest areas of expertise is in the custom blending of product formulations to meet her clients ever-changing skin care needs. All of the products and ingredients Liz uses are from plant sources, cruelty free, and not tested on animals.

Liz considers her work in corrective skin care, acne and aging skin management, brow shaping, make-up instruction and specialty waxing to be Holistic Beauty Therapy. "Often even the smallest change in a client's image has impact on self esteem and their whole life." says Liz.

One of the more subtle aspects of her work is the intuitive health consulting that Liz has developed in her work as her own spiritual path has deepened.

Liz says: I got my start in the Skin Care Business at the ground level - literally. I come from a long line of gardeners, on both sides of my family. Parents, Grandparents, and relatives were known for their beautiful plants and gardens - then I married a man who designed beautiful gardens. I kept a small nursery for his business, often nursing sick or broken plants back to health. I learned hands on about companion planting, soil mixes, and food. I even studied gardening by the phases of the moon. Experience, and the plants themselves were my teachers, as well as some outstanding human mentors!!!

In many ways, our lives are our gardens. They have rituals, challenges,joys, and sorrows. Often, a person's garden reflects their spiritual journey - sense of self - who they are as a person. Our skin and body need tending, planning, feeding, pampering - just as our gardens do. The ritual of nightly make-up removal, and nourishing the delicate eye and throat areas, the quiet time in the bathroom, alone, your hair pulled back, deciding which night moisturizer you will use based on how you feel, the kind of day you had... The health of the skin affects the entire body - just as a dysfunctional organ, system, or condition in the body is reflected in and on the skin. It is a map of our health, if you will. A visual journey into a person's life - diet - emotions - history. The skin tells many stories. In my intuitive health counseling work, your skin is the vehicle for discovery where the core of many problems lie. Sometimes it's something you've always suspected, but no one was able to help you to make the connection. Then, "aah ha" ! we both laugh with recognition, and accomplishment. Other times, it comes as a surprise - something you never thought of - but once the light of awareness is upon it, the core issue becomes your friend - a key to solving a skin mystery.

One of the most profound and rewarding areas of my career is working with people to find a comfortable Home Care ritual that feels good, works, and gives the fastest results. Some patterns in the skin have been present for months or years. The good news is that the skin is a growing, changing organ that responds very quickly to the correct treatments and products. Exactly like the wilting flowers that perk - up when we give them food and water! When clients receive regular facials, and use the products I choose for them, outstanding results are experienced. Even the most stubborn acne, rashes, and imbalances can be tackled. Remember: habits take 30 days to change. Most skin trouble is rooted in bad habits. I teach and guide my clients as they move into new and better ways of treating their skin. Your face is your visual calling card in your personal life - and in business. Let's make that first impression breathtaking!

Recent Client Testimonials

April 4, 2011 —
"I have known Liz Wist since the early 1990’s and can say from personal experience that she is one of the most experienced Estheticians around.

She has a knack for making a person feel special, working one on one in a serene private setting. My skin always looks and feels wonderful.

The treatments are restorative, relaxing, and healing. I highly recommend her services and products to anyone who seeks better skin! "
- Sharon

December 15 , 2008 —
“I just wanted to say thank you. You have been my faithful Aesthetician for many years now . . . since 1994 I believe. I remember the date because it was my plastic surgeon who recommended your makeup after surgery. If it covered bruises from surgery . . . it would cover everything. You are a true professional! Thanks Again!”
- Pam Brown (your KY client)

September 13, 2007
OMG you wouldn't believe how well my skin is doing with the new wax. I love it!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Liz has a new green wax from Australia that is absolutely amazing. My skin tends to turn pretty red after I get waxed but this new stuff kept me from getting blotchy. If you are looking for a wax that is gentle on the skin, then you should try this. I highly advise you make an appointment with Liz and try her new wax!!
Thanks Liz!!!
- Krista, a regular Skin Deep customer

January 15 , 2006 —
“I  am an RN in an Open Heart Unit and find that this make-up (Cinema Secrets) stays on for my twelve hour shifts!”
- A Satisfied Customer

October 26, 2005 —
I'm a long-time client of Liz - gosh, it's been 17 years now! - and I can't say enough about her skill as an aesthetician. From acne control facials to bikini waxes to custom-formulated makeup, all my experiences at Skin Deep have been exceptional. Even bikini waxes involve an absolute minimum of discomfort and are quick and very well done.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all the great service!
- Cathy Sherwood

Additional Client Testimonials

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