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(Foam Gel, Scrub, Barber Shave, Lotion YK, Nutri-Moist, Age Defense AND Mask)
$268.00 $243.00! $25.00 off Retail !

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Holistic Skin Care and Body Care
Women and Men

Mary Elizabeth Wist C.M.T.

(408) 287-8494
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Liz is a licensed Esthetician who has worked on clients daily for over 32 years. This expertise enables her to help you find the best product for your skin, and to achieve the quickest results. Ongoing advanced training reinforces her knowledge of product chemistry and how it interacts with the physiology of the skin giving her a cutting edge both in house, and with her online clientele.

Mens Products and Services

Les Soins Au Masculin Facial Treatment - $85.00 (approx. 60 min.)
Mens grooming and skin toning facial.
FREE CONTINENTAL U.S. SHIPPING! (all non-YonKa products included in an online order shall be charged appropriate shipping costs)
With Every YON-KA Product Purchase of $100.00 or more, receive a complimentary product, chosen by Liz to customize and compliment your order. PLUS Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.! (any non-YonKa product included in an online order shall be charged appropriate shipping)

Upper Body Waxing

Facial/Arm Area Waxing

Back Wax:
(Maintenance/Follow-up recommended at 4 to 5 week intervals)
WITH 4 oz PFB ingrown hair prevention home care follow-up product (recommended for first time chest waxers!) = $110.00*
Chest Wax:
(Maintenance/Follow-up recommended at 4 to 5 week intervals)
WITH 4 oz PFB ingrown hair prevention home care follow-up product (recommended for first time chest waxers!) = $110.00*
Shoulder and Upper Arm Wax: $35.00
Hands: $25.00
Under Arm: $35.00
Ears: $35.00
Nose: $18.00
Brow Wax: $18.00
First Time Brow Design:
WITH Tinting definition = $50.00



(Foam Gel, Scrub, Barber Shave, Lotion YK, Nutri-Moist, Age Defense AND Mask)
$25.00 off Retail
$268.00 $243.00!

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1.4 oz.
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Free Shipping in Continental US (appropriate shipping costs will be added for any non-YonKa products included with any online order. International orders: it is recommended that you fill out the Order Form and email/fax to us, instead of ordering online, to ensure proper shipping charges.)!
Free Complimentary Product with Order over $100!
Contact LIZ for product consultation!
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Ingrown hair/Razor bump products

PFB Vanish line of products

Essential Grooming at Home!

Offering natural botanical nutrients at their highest levels of purity and potency to create the most effective Eco-friendly grooming system for men.

Shaving, life in the outdoors, a workout at the gym, a stressful day's work . . . means that your skin takes a toll. If you want better skin and a sense of self-confidence, don't wait for a New Year's resolution. Invest in Yon-Ka's essential grooming system. We know what you need:

You may also take on a few additional "skin fitness" practices to this 3 step basic ritual, to keep you looking your best. This is a workable, simple, no-fuss day to day grooming system for total confidence and good looks.

GROOMING BASICS Click on image or link to see more detail about each product.
STEP 1: Power Wash-Shave
Wet the face with warm water. Lather product on the skin with fingertips. Wash while shaving. Rinse with water.
Gel Nettoyant - cleansing gel for electric razor users
Nettoyant Creme - cleansing cream for blade men
Step 2: Soothing Spritz
Splash or use spritz, just after shaving
Lotion - splash/mist toner 2008 Best Toner Winner!!
Step 3: Skin Conditioner
Throw a thin layer of cream of fluid on skin.
PAMPLEMOUSSE - daily defense balm
SERUM - Repairing Oil
Additional "Skin Fitness" Grooming Practices
Wonder Soft Peel:
Aply in thick layer two or three times a weel at bedtime. Leave overnight. Remove excess peels in the morning by splashing cold water.
Gommage 303 - scrub gel
Reviving Mask:
Apply in think layer once or twice a week. Leave it on for 12 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.
Masque 103 - clay mask

Eye Relief:
Apply in thinn layer around eye contours, after shaving.

Phyto Contour - eye balm
Press in 1 or 2 pumps after washing-shaving and using the Lotion soothing spritz.
Juvenil - special clearing concentrate
Tan without Sun:
Apply evenly after washing-shaving and using the Lotion soothing spritz. Avoid eyebrows. Wash hands thoroughly after applocation.
Autobronzant - self-tanning lotion

The male clients who visit Skin Deep for services range in age from 16 to 80!!! Seriously, I have quite a few teenagers for Acne Facials, and eyebrow shaping, and several men in the later age group for Facials, blackhead removal, and hair removal - usually on the shoulder area. The most commonly requested services that men ask for from all age groups are:

Some of the men who frequent Skin Deep like to wait until they need a service to call for an appointment rather than scheduling in advance. Sometimes this works if they have a flexible schedule, as I do get a few reschedules each week. Corrective Facials for Acne or other skin problems, and Back or Chest waxing yield the best and fastest results, however, when the appointments are spaced at regular intervals. Repeated waxing results in both decreased hair growth and thinner regrowth - making follow up appointments less irritating and painful, as the hair growth is both slowed down and thinned.

Essential Grooming for Men
(Les Soins Au Masculin) Facial Treatment - $85.00 (approx. 60 min.)

Mens grooming and skin toning.

Testimonials for Liz's Men's products and Services

Yelp Testimonial - June 21, 2011
If there were 6 stars available for this fabulously talented esthetician, I would certainly award them. Basically, I started seeing Liz for facials a little over a year ago, after being diagnosed with Rosacea. As a result, I didn't want to go by way of the RX approach for this, but chose to deal with this problem naturally.

Upon first visiting Liz, not only did she provide a wonderfully soothing & relaxing facial, but she also backed this up with suggesting helpful dietary changes as well as really educating me about good skincare; in following this advice, along with the soothingly effective facials, and use of great products at home, I now sport a super-clear complexion along with a renewed smile on my face!

And even though I have moved to the East Bay area recently, I still travel to SJ to see Liz. She's that good !

April 21, 2009 —
"Liz is most certainly a true shaman of the skin! I found out about MEWIST about a year ago upon first finding out that I had Rosacea. For some strange reason, most Aesthetitian's I spoke with had little experience in working with Rosacea clients. But upon finding Liz, I knew I had discovered a wellspring of help and information with regard to Rosacea. Liz will really go the extra mile with you when it comes to educating you on good skincare, as well as making other lifestyle changes which may benefit your skin condition. In the short time I have spent coming to Liz for facials and products, I have already noticed a marked improvement with my complexion, especially the size of the pores on my nose which have tightened and reduced noticably in size. I also wanted to mention that I absolutely LOVE the products I am using and will never purchase another drugstore over the counter product (which never worked) again! Thank you, liz!!!"
- Ken Souza

Regularly scheduled Facials are quickly becoming part of many men's monthly grooming routine - one satisfied client says:

    "Dear Liz:

    I just wanted to thank you again and put in writing what I expressed to you during my last visit.

    Being a male, it is difficult for us to openly research and discuss skin care products. This is an area that most of us don't have much interest or expertise. As we grow older, proper skin care becomes important to maintaining our appearance and our health. Given that I grew up with acne I had some experience and education about skin care and skin care products. Over the past 15 ears I have tried a number of different manufacture's products that ranged from exclusive high end brand names to those that are sold through independent sales consultants. After years of trials, nothing seemed to work.

    I decided to seek professional assistance through licensed esthetician. I think it is important to note that my skin is not bad, in fact it is much better than most, I just wanted to rid myself of some minor imperfections caused from my acne years and to develop a skin care routine that is simple and effective. I experimented with weeks of Glycolic Acid Peels and a year of schedules visits that resulted in very little improvement. After this, I could not relate to why women thought that facials were so critical to maintaining a good complexion or such a relaxing and satisfying experience. It appeared to me as a waste of money.

    Everything changed after meeting you. After experiencing one of your facials I was a changed man. In a single visit you corrected the blemishes that I had so desperately tried to remove for the past years. You introduced me to products that I could instantly tell complimented the chemistry of my skin and were easy-to-use. More importantly I finally experienced the "event" that women so fondly speak of. It's difficult to point to the highlight of your facial, was it the facial or the upper body massage or the final result. I have concluded that it's the total package that makes your experience so satisfying. The amazing thing is I came in expecting a standard facial.

    Liz, your knowledge of skin care and your choice of products are far superior to all others. Your attention to details and the overall experience that you provide is something I would highly recommend to anyone that was interested in a healthier complexion or those that just want to spend an hour relaxing.

    It is absolutely my pleasure to recommend you to anyone interested in a life enriching experience.

    Robert N. Gunn


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