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Mary Elizabeth Wist C.M.T.

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Facials Without Steam Services

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Prices Reflect our MINIMUM Fee.
All services are individual and customizeable to meet your individual needs.

Why Get a No-Steam Facial?

Steam can be a wonderful, relaxing step in an exfoliating facial. It softens the skin, keeps enzymes active in some products, that prepare the skin for softening and removal of blackheads, ingrown hairs,etc. It also has a calming, healing effect on the body. In some cases, however, steam is not always appropriate. Sometimes a client books a facial mid-day, and has to go back to work after her facial. The hair would not be as messed up without steam. Or, a client may have dehydrated skin, Rosacea(sensitive, red patches), or a type of Acne that is too tender for steam. Sometimes, I see a client who has a sunburn - I would not steam this client! Menopausal skin is also often too"hot" for steaming. So, these clients are better off being treated with facials that I customize for their particular problem.

Several of the facials I offer are without steam. One is the Alpha - Vitale Fruit Acid AHA-BHA Peel from Yon - Ka. This treatment is quickly becomming my most popular facial. It leaves the skin soft, moist, plumped(but not heavy),firm, and cool! Many clients schedule several in a row, booked about 2 weeks apart. It is an excellent lunch-hour choice, and can be done between regular steam/extraction facials for clients who need those.

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Facials Without Steam

ME WIST® Signature Skin Care Treatment - $120.00 (approx. 1-2 hours)
Full body skin treatment, specifically developed by Liz Wist.

Alpha Vitale Facial - $125.00 (approx. 60 min.), includes follow up product
Series of 4 - $460 (Save $40!)
Recommended weekly for 4 weeks for maximum effectiveness!

Much more than a simple exfoliant, this essential skin resurfacing AHA - BHA facial is a thoroughly yet completely balanced salon treatment that retexturizes the skin while avoiding irritation and the effects of epidermal thinning.

The stunning, retexturizing, hydrating and softening benefits have made the Alpha Vitale a client favorite.

For optimum results, try using Fruitelia during the day and Alpha Complex at night for two weeks before your facial and afterwards.

Skin Deeping Facial - $90.00 (approx. 60 min.)

Another new treatment is the Skin Deeping facial treatment from Germaine de Capuccini. A special softening gel is applied to the skin when I would normally steam. It does not irritate sensitive skin, and softens even the most stubborn blackheads for extraction, and removal. It renews and deeply cleanses the skin by dissolving cutaneous residues and dead skin cells. Some complimentary products for both of these treatments are:

  • Alpha Complex - to be used at night to gently keep up the exfoliation between facials
  • Fruitelia - to be used during the daytime, to protect and soften the skin, using wonderful smelling fruit extracts.
  • Gommage Soft Gel Peel - Should be used 3x a week to both prepare the skin for deeper exfoliation, by gentle "peeling" and exfoliating dead cells off the skin both before the treatments, and after - to maintain.
  • Elastine Jour & Elastine NUIT are also complimentary hydrating, firming, and protecting creams

Holistic Aromatherapy Facial - $100.00 (approx. 60 min.)


February 2006 —
After knowing Liz over 10 years, from the perspective of an employee to now a client, I would say that I know a great deal about the Skin Deep business practices. As my manager, Liz was the most memorable supervisor I have ever had. The standards that Skin Deep holds are of the top level in the industry. I am a repeat client of almost all of her esthetician services from waxing, (brow, lip, extended bikini, arm, underarm, leg), facials (European, Dr. Hauska aromatheraphy), lash tinting, custom blended products, body wraps, massage, and decollete treatments.

I am a 28 year old professional woman involved in high-end, graphic design consulting. My appearance means a great deal to me, both personally and professionally. I have oily skin and have suffered from acne, scars, and hormone/stress induced breakouts ever since junior high.  Liz always gave me 110% of her focus when I had a question and made me feel "purified" after each and every appointment. Her level of expertise, product knowledge and professionalism are something that people rarely find in businesses these days. She has all of her processes streamlined and done for specific reasons:  to offer the best products and one of kind attention through her hands-on service approach. I LOVE IT!  She is the most organized, intuitive, intelligent, anti-bacterial person I have ever met. I feel lucky to have worked with her behind the scenes at Skin Deep and now on the other end as one of her clients.

For many more years to come!!
- Nadine
Campbell, CA

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Add-On Treatments

Lash and/or brow tints and various types of waxing of the face and body are offered with your facial. Specialized masks and focus treatments for problem areas are available as well and often recommended.

  • Lifting and Firming Mask - $15.00
    Using an aloe-based product, this mask tightens, firms, and lifts the skin - wonderful for a special occasion.

  • Fruit Peel Mask - $15.00

  • Paraffin Wax Facial Mask - $15.00
    As a final touch, a warm wax mask is applied to deeply hydrate, moisturize, and relax the skin.

  • Specialized Eye Treatments - $15.00
    A custom-blended moisturizer and mask rehydrates, detoxifies, firms, and relaxes the eye area.

  • Specialized Lip treatment - $15.00

  • Neck or Décolleté Treatments - $15.00
    Firms, tightens, lifts and moisturizes this delicate area.

  • Face Brushing - $ 20.00
    15 minutes of gentle lymphatic movements on the face and neck to help drain the tissues of toxins. See the Dr. Haushcka facial for more information on this service.

  • Hand and Foot treatment - $50.00
  • (see descriptions for each below)

  • Hand treatment only - $30.00 - EXCLUSIVE!

  • Foot treatment only - $30.00 - EXCLUSIVE!

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