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Holistic Skin Care and Body Care
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Mary Elizabeth Wist C.M.T.

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Satin Smooth Feel!
Healthy Looking Skin in Minutes!
Waxing Techniques for EVERY Body!
And yes, Real Men do Wax!

Male and Female waxing of all major body areas available!

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*Prices Reflect our MINIMUM Fee.
All waxing services are customized to meet your specific needs.

Female Waxing Services Male Waxing Services

Lower Body Waxing

Full Leg Wax:
First Time (includes follow-up product and traditional bikini wax) = $90.00
Maintenance/Follow-up (recommended at 4 to 5 week intervals) = $75.00 - 90.00*

1/2 Leg Wax: (Upper or Lower) = $55.00
With Traditional Bikini Wax = $75.00*
With Brazilian Bikini Wax = $110.00*

Traditional Bikini Wax: $35.00*
Brazilian Bikini Wax: $75.00*
Brazilian With Lower Back: add $35.00
Feet Only Wax: $15.00

Upper Body Waxing

Stomach: $35.00
Full Chest and Stomach: $50.00
Back: $50.00
Full Arm Wax: Includes hands and fingers = $45.00
Upper Arm Wax: $20.00
Lower Arm Wax: Includes hands and fingers = $35.00
Underarm Wax: $20.00

Facial Area Waxing

Full Face Wax:
First Time (includes follow-up product) = $50.00
Maintenance/Follow-up (recommended at 4 to 5 week intervalsl) = $45.00

Partial Face Wax:
First time or Maintenance = $45.00

Nose Wax: $18.00
Lip Wax: $18.00
Brow Wax: $18.00

First Time Brow Design:
WITH Tinting definition = $50.00


Upper Body Waxing

Back Wax:
(Maintenance/Follow-up recommended at 4 to 5 week intervals)
WITH 4 oz PFB ingrown hair prevention home care follow-up product (recommended for first time chest waxers!) = $110.00*

Chest Wax:
(Maintenance/Follow-up recommended at 4 to 5 week intervals)
WITH 4 oz PFB ingrown hair prevention home care follow-up product (recommended for first time chest waxers!) = $110.00*

Facial/Arm Area Waxing

Shoulder and Upper Arm Wax: $35.00
Hands: $25.00
Under Arm: $35.00

Ears: $35.00
Nose: $18.00
Brow Wax: $18.00

First Time Brow Design:
WITH Tinting definition = $50.00

Recommended Home Care Products for both Men and Women


4.0 oz

Meets US Airline Regulations

2.0 oz


1.0 oz

Coats Aloe Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser

4 oz.

Coats Aloe Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser

8 oz.

Coats Aloe Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser

16 oz.

Hand & Body Lotion + Glycolic 
8 oz.

About Waxing Services

With over 32 years of waxing experience, Elizabeth Wist is a renowned waxing specialist. Her services are in great demand.

"What I love about waxing", she says," is that it allows a person to change how they look and feel about themselves in no time at all! Changing hair growth can give men and women both a renewed sense of self esteem and confidence, and the coolest part is that it can either be temporary or semi-permanent."

"Experience and technique are of the utmost importance", says Liz, "but I also choose the highest quality of professional product to use on my clients. Customers come from all over the Bay Area (Tiburon, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Gilroy and Los Banos) as well as regular long time local clients."

Large Body Areas (arms, legs, back, chest, etc) I use a wax that spreads thinly and easily produced from natural pine resin, olive oil, or beeswax. It melts and cools quickly to pull more hair without breakage.

Resistive Coarse Hair (bikini area, underarm) for these sensitive areas, I've chosen a delicate creamy depilatory wax created to work well on short stubborn hair. It leaves very little residue on the skin and leaves the area hair free, soft, and beautiful.

Facial Hair (brows, lip, cheek, sideburns, shin, neck, forehead) I have chosen a variety of specialized waxes that address the needs of my extensive and diverse clientele base.

For Acne and Blemished Prone Skin, my wax contains special barriers to shield and protect the skin - removes hair with minimal discomfort, has a built-in UVA sun screen protection and is anti-bacterial.

I also have several choices for delicate, sensitive, dehydrated, even sunburned skin. One has 100% natural tea tree oil known since antiquity for its therapeutic and natural antiseptic properties that calm and repair sensitive skin. Another has aloe vera as a key ingredient that softens, sooths, and protects the skin from irritation while restoring the skins moisture.

Why Wax?
Waxing is the solution for those who are bothered by excess hair or who wish to forgo shaving. Natural facial hair is often much more than a nuisance. Peach fuzz, mono-brow, and shadow lip can be embarrassing. Shave and it grows back, thicker than ever. And shaving legs, underarms, or a bikini line is frequently an unwelcome chore. Electrolysis? It's permanent, but expensive. Laser removal is very costly and still experimental.

Waxing is not a permanent solution to unwanted hair but, since hair is removed at the root, it will seem to grow back much slower. Many clients find that hair in areas that are waxed frequently is less dense and coarse and the skin is much smoother.

What Does Liz Do?
Waxing is a simple procedure that weakens the hair root and slows the growth pattern. High quality, specially-blended professional cosmetic wax is applied to the area where hair is to be removed. Heat from the melted wax and special pre-treatment solutions open your pores, and the hair comes off easily and comfortably. I can remove large areas of unwanted or excessive hair growth, gently and effectively, in one session, for instant results. 32 years of experience have enabled me to develop an effective and safe technique.

Not Just for Women
Men - waxing is for you too! Our male clients utilize our waxing services to manage excess hair such as overly bushy brows, backs and chests!

Before Waxing

  • Hair must be at least 1/4 inch long to ensure that the wax adheres adequately
  • Do not moisturize the area to be waxed that day.
  • Use a loofah or body brush on a regular basis before waxing and between appointments
  • Dry skin types may experience problems with waxing

I recommend the Exfogel™ Citrus gel face and body cleanse from OnlyYourX with loofah or brush daily. Some clients prefer the OnlyYourX Benzoil Peroxide-based acne wash or pumice scrub. Others prefer the Coats Aloe Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser. For any of these, use circular rhythmical motions to lift and release trapped hair as it grows out. The Exfogel must be ordered in person or by phone. Often an AHA lotion, such as the Coats Aloe AHA Body Moisturizer or the Exfogel™ Body Smooth lotion from OnlyYourX (an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid-based face and body cleanser), is recommended to help release or prevent ingrown hair, especially on back and bikini areas. I also recommend the PFB Vanish line of products to help release in grown hairs, as well as pre and post waxing product to assist with healing and skin rejuvenation.

For all body waxing, I recommend an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Moisturizer on a daily basis to keep the skin soft and the hair follicles open so that regrowth is facilitated.

I also recommend Tend Skin and Folisan (from Depileve), available from Skin Deep. All products should be ordered in person and/or via phone.

Tip from a regular waxing client
Bleaching hair several days prior to waxing, especially on facial areas, seems to help the hair release more readily when waxed and reduces redness and irritation following the procedure.
- Jena Rajabally, longtime waxing client

Client testimonials

Yelp Testimonial - May 14, 2011
I have been a client of Skin Deep for almost 6 years. Liz is truly amazing. She has absolutely transformed my skin. When I first started seeing her I was prone to regular and cystic acne, had minor scarring and had never had my brows or any waxing done. The scarring from the cystic acne is now nearly invisible and barely visible even up close. And NO ONE but Liz is entrusted with my brows and/or any other waxing needs.

I receive so many compliments on my skin. People are often shocked to learn my age. Without fail, I recommend Liz, her wonderful services and products. Even my mom is now a convert, not too long ago she commented that my skin looked so good and asked which makeup/products I was using. I said "Mom, I don't wear foundation, that's my skin!" She was stunned and immediately switched over to Liz's extensive product line. Within a day she couldn't believe the changes in the condition of her own skin. Over the years several friends I've introduced to Skin Deep now SWEAR by Liz for all their skin care and waxing needs.

It is rare to find someone so knowledgeable, professional and passionate about what they do. Liz is one of a kind! If you have any issues with your skin do not hesitate to try Skin Deep, you won't regret it!

August 21 2007
I started going to Liz almost a year ago and at first I was pretty nervous. You never know what you are going to get these days when you ask for a Brazilian wax. Well, Liz was making sure I was comfortable the whole time. She was so precise and confident. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a waxing service. She is pleasant to be around and always makes you feel safe and welcome. I will definitely continue going to Liz for as long as she is around. It is hard to find someone you can trust and do the job right and I am fortunate enough to have found her!!! Thanks Liz!!
- Krista, a regular Skin Deep customer

February 2006 —
After knowing Liz over 10 years, from the perspective of an employee to now a client, I would say that I know a great deal about the Skin Deep business practices. As my manager, Liz was the most memorable supervisor I have ever had. The standards that Skin Deep holds are of the top level in the industry. I am a repeat client of almost all of her esthetician services from waxing, (brow, lip, extended bikini, arm, underarm, leg), facials (European, Dr. Hauska aromatheraphy), lash tinting, custom blended products, body wraps, massage, and decollete treatments.

I am a 28 year old professional woman involved in high-end, graphic design consulting. My appearance means a great deal to me, both personally and professionally. I have oily skin and have suffered from acne, scars, and hormone/stress induced breakouts ever since junior high.  Liz always gave me 110% of her focus when I had a question and made me feel "purified" after each and every appointment. Her level of expertise, product knowledge and professionalism are something that people rarely find in businesses these days. She has all of her processes streamlined and done for specific reasons:  to offer the best products and one of kind attention through her hands-on service approach. I LOVE IT!  She is the most organized, intuitive, intelligent, anti-bacterial person I have ever met. I feel lucky to have worked with her behind the scenes at Skin Deep and now on the other end as one of her clients.

For many more years to come!!
- Nadine
Campbell, CA

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