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Skin Discoloration Customer Testimonials

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I found Liz by way of my husband. After I had my first son 5 years ago, I developed brown spots from the pregnancy and I was desperate for help. The first time I went to Skin Deep I felt like I found a new home. Liz was caring, comforting, and made me feel right at home. The best part was her healing hands and her knowledge of products. She does not push her products, but merely is trying to help her clients better their overall appearance. I would highly recommend her and in all my travels have never found anyone close to matching her expertise.

Thanks Liz
- Tamara Dowell

General Testimonials

April 21, 2009 —
"Liz is most certainly a true shaman of the skin! I found out about MEWIST about a year ago upon first finding out that I had Rosacea. For some strange reason, most Aesthetitian's I spoke with had little experience in working with Rosacea clients. But upon finding Liz, I knew I had discovered a wellspring of help and information with regard to Rosacea. Liz will really go the extra mile with you when it comes to educating you on good skincare, as well as making other lifestyle changes which may benefit your skin condition. In the short time I have spent coming to Liz for facials and products, I have already noticed a marked improvement with my complexion, especially the size of the pores on my nose which have tightened and reduced noticably in size. I also wanted to mention that I absolutely LOVE the products I am using and will never purchase another drugstore over the counter product (which never worked) again! Thank you, liz!!!"
- Ken Souza

December 15 , 2008 —
“I just wanted to say thank you. You have been my faithful Aesthetician for many years now . . . since 1994 I believe. I remember the date because it was my plastic surgeon who recommended your makeup after surgery. If it covered bruises from surgery . . . it would cover everything. You are a true professional! Thanks Again!”
- Pam Brown (your KY client)

September 13, 2007
OMG you wouldn't believe how well my skin is doing with the new wax. I love it!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Liz has a new green wax from Australia that is absolutely amazing. My skin tends to turn pretty red after I get waxed but this new stuff kept me from getting blotchy. If you are looking for a wax that is gentle on the skin, then you should try this. I highly advise you make an appointment with Liz and try her new wax!!
Thanks Liz!!!
- Krista, a regular Skin Deep customer

September 13, 2007
I’m getting very good result from the treatment last weekend. At the beginning it doesn’t appear to be effective, but by now most of my acne is gone and new ones haven’t started yet. I’d like to have more!
- Chun Zhang

August 21 2007
I started going to Liz almost a year ago and at first I was pretty nervous. You never know what you are going to get these days when you ask for a Brazilian wax. Well, Liz was making sure I was comfortable the whole time. She was so precise and confident. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get a waxing service. She is pleasant to be around and always makes you feel safe and welcome. I will definitely continue going to Liz for as long as she is around. It is hard to find someone you can trust and do the job right and I am fortunate enough to have found her!!! Thanks Liz!!
- Krista, a regular Skin Deep customer

October 2006 —
I have known Liz for about 15 years as both a client and a friend. Liz is a true professional, with her over 32 years of experience and education in skin care she has seen it all and knows how to deal with almost any type of skin problem. Her many years of hands on experience is very evident in the way that she approaches helping people with all of their skin problems. Thanks Liz for your very real desire to help people!
- Sharon

February 2006 —
After knowing Liz over 10 years, from the perspective of an employee to now a client, I would say that I know a great deal about the Skin Deep business practices. As my manager, Liz was the most memorable supervisor I have ever had. The standards that Skin Deep holds are of the top level in the industry. I am a repeat client of almost all of her esthetician services from waxing, (brow, lip, extended bikini, arm, underarm, leg), facials (European, Dr. Hauska aromatheraphy), lash tinting, custom blended products, body wraps, massage, and decollete treatments.

I am a 28 year old professional woman involved in high-end, graphic design consulting. My appearance means a great deal to me, both personally and professionally. I have oily skin and have suffered from acne, scars, and hormone/stress induced breakouts ever since junior high.  Liz always gave me 110% of her focus when I had a question and made me feel "purified" after each and every appointment. Her level of expertise, product knowledge and professionalism are something that people rarely find in businesses these days. She has all of her processes streamlined and done for specific reasons:  to offer the best products and one of kind attention through her hands-on service approach. I LOVE IT!  She is the most organized, intuitive, intelligent, anti-bacterial person I have ever met. I feel lucky to have worked with her behind the scenes at Skin Deep and now on the other end as one of her clients.

For many more years to come!!
- Nadine
Campbell, CA

July, 2003 —
Dear Mary Elizabeth,
Thank you for your prompt attention to the order for Brenda Christian brow pencils...they just arrived.

While I have been involved in the Cosmetics business for many tears as a retailer and manufacturer, and have know men who personally used woman's cosmetic and treatment products, these pencils are for my wife who has been using this brand of pencil for years. She was like the lady in the Dallas article. She was down to a tiny stub and couldn't find them anywhere. So I was happy to find your site and order from you.

Best wishes,
- A Satisfied Customer

Writing a testimonial for Liz's work is not easy because I have so many good things to say about her and her work that I don't know where to begin. I met Liz last December when I was looking for a place to get facials to prep my skin for my upcoming wedding in October. I looked around on the web, and saw Liz's name, because it was close to where I worked, I picked up the phone and called her. She was very nice over the phone and knowing that she's in charge and will be doing the facial herself, I gave it a try. My first visit, Liz did a skin analysis for me and recommended some at home products to use along with the in-between facial visits. Now you would think the at home products will be very tedious, but Liz and I were able to get a 3-step routine (less than 3 minutes) that was suitable for me. For the next 3 months, with the combination of home products and monthly facial visits, my acne and blemishes clear up drastically.

Now, this is where Liz is good at, she first recommended products that worked with the blemish problem then she gradually helped me switch to products that will nourish my skin. Yet, I was able to continue using the old products, which is important to me because the product's shelf life is longer. During each facial visit, she would first evaluate my skin and then preps the masks and her routine according to my current skin condition. This is because of Liz's years of experience, each client is different and the client's facial visit is different each time. By purchasing a series of 8 facials, I was able to experience the difference that Liz made for my skin. It's been about 6 months of home routines and 7 facials, needless to say, my skin looks very healthy and I am very happy with the progress. It's so easy to wear makeup now, I just need a little bit of foundation to even out the skin tone, and some lipstick, and I am ready to go out. Of course, with nice healthy glowing skin, I have the freedom to try different makeup style. Having good skin is not a mystery; you just need a good coach to help you get there. Thank you so much Liz for sharing your knowledge with me!
- Alice Wong

September 9, 2000
I found Liz through a friend/client of Liz. I knew this woman went for the best care and treatment for herself so I asked her to recommend someone I could go to for skin care. Liz is an ardent student of skin care - she is my authority on the subject. She is truly interested in me as a client and we have developed a friendship as well. I am grateful to have found such a person to respect, admire, and receive the benefits of her vast knowledge.
- Mary Smith

March 28, 2000
I worked for Liz-Skin Deep in 94. Since then I've been a client because of Liz's quality of work. The care and attention she devotes to each client is almost as appreciated as her extensive experience in skin care.
- Catrina Andriezek

March 16, 2000
Skin Deep is the best kept secret in the Bay Area. Liz's attention to service and her never ending supply of knowledge keep her at the forefront of the skin health industry. Her Dr. Hauschka facial will have you hooked for life.
- Kimberly Blisard

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